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Industrial Bookcase Highlights

  • Inexpensive, only about $30 to build
  • Features four large, roomy shelves and a top
  • Designed by a Mom for Moms – it’s easy to clean underneath and the shelves are extra tall so you can actually reach things and put them away easily
  • Works with lots of styles – farmhouse, industrial, modern, rustic
  • Build your own and choose your own paint or stain!
  • Open design makes rooms feel larger while providing lots of storage options
  • Easy to clean underneath with high bottom shelf
  • Back panels add design and structure – this bookshelf is very sturdy
  • Only need basic woodworking tools – a drill, saw, brad nailer (or hammer) and Kreg Jig

I needed some storage desperately in my home office area.  Since my office area is open to the rest of the home – in a narrowish passage between the great room and dining room – something light and airy was definitely in order!  I love me a quick and inexpensive project – so I designed this industrial bookcase using only about $30 in materials!

Yes, you read that right!  THIRTY BUCKS for each industrial bookcase!

We love the open bookshelf design.  And the open bookshelf allows the passage area to feel light and airy!

They are ridiculously gorgeous!  So suprising for how simple and inexpensive they were to make.

Of course, what goes in an open bookshelf matters quite a bit!  We found most of the accessories at Micheals –

The Squeeze the Day art was from Micheals and was the inspiration for the accessories.  The faux plant is from Target. Baskets are from Lowes.

The letter sorter is awesome! It’s from Micheals (as is the craft organizer on the upper shelf)

The faux lemon tree and metal sign are also from Micheals.  Those two items really helped decorate the open shelving!  I also love the plywood backs – it really adds interest and structure too.

I’m so excited to share the plans for this project with you!

We filmed the build – so do watch that –

And then grab the free plans and make this industrial bookcase yours!

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